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Board of Directors




Date of Birth.: 19th of April 1960

Citizenship: Greek-Cypriot

Marital status:  Married


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Graduate of Business Administration with 30 years of experience in financial management, administration of accounting department and administration of human resources.



University of MACEDONIA (Higher Education Institution) Department of Business Administration

Main subjects amongst others:

Business administration, General accountings, Special accountings, Private, Public and Commercial law, Theoretical and applied political economics, English etc.


Agios Antonios Senior High School of Limassol.

Certificate of completion of studies (Apolytirion) in Economic division. 



1992 – Currently



Financial Manager and Human Resources Manager

1985 – 1992.


Several Cypriot Companies

Accountant, Financial Manager’s Assistant


Involvement in communityLocal Authority

  • Member of the Municipal Council in the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia for 2 consecutive terms. (2001-2011).
  • President of the committee of education, youth and sports of the Municipality (2001-2011)
  • Founding member, first Vice-President of the Nautical Club of Mesa-Geitonia (2009-2011).
  • Superintendent of beach volley N.O.M.C (2010-2013).
  • Founding member and first vice presidents of the Open school of Mesa Geitonia (2007-2011)
  • Vice-President in the orchestra (philharmonic band) of the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia (2007-2011)
  • Vice-president of the Choir of the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia
  • President of the Municipal Council of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia.

 Involvement in communityPolitical activity

  • Secretary of the local authority of Democratic Rally (DISY) of Limassol (2011 to 2014).
  • Sectretary of information of Democratic Rally (DISY) Limassol for two consecutive terms.(1997 – 2003).
  • Regional Secretary of the Youth Organization of Scientists of NEDISY for 6 years. (1993-1999).
  • Member of the Regional and High Counsil of Democratic Rally (DISY) (1997-2013)

Involvement in community - Various

Was or still is Member

  • Superintendent of beach volley of KOEK.
  • Elected member of the executive council of KOEK.
  • Superintendent of diving of KOEK.
  • Member of the association of reserve officers of Limassol.
  • Vice-Presidents, Secretary of the B.o.D of PARTHENONAS HALKOUTSAS
  • Of the friends’ association of Melathron
  • Of the Board of Parents’ Association of Laniteio High School & Senior High School.
  • Vice-President of the Board of parents’ association of the 16th division of Saint Nicholas sea scouts.
  • President of the football federation, student championship.
  • He was participated in matches in various football associations of CFA and STOK.

In 13th of July 2016 he was appointed from the Council of Ministers Member of the B.o.D of CSO.

He was appointed by the B.o.D of CSO as:

  • President of the Committee of Budgeting, Economics and Tenders
  • Member of the Human Resources Committee
  • Member of the Committee Against Violence and Fair Play
  • Member of the Committee of Communication and Promotion



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