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Euro Sport Health Programme

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Euro Sport Health

The Cyprus Sports Organization and especially the Programme Sports For All, participate for the first time as partners in the Euro Sport Health Programme.

The Euro Sport Health Programme is one of the nine programmes approved from the European Commission in health sector.

The main objective of the programme is to locate and exchange better practices for the promotion of health through Sports for All in a local level.

More specifically the programme aims to:

  1. Promotes the health benefits which are gained through sports practicing and physical activity.
  2. Encourage the citizens to participate in sports as every day activity.  
  3. Disseminate sports values as part of an active lifestyle and to express its benefits for human health.  
  4. Creation of a Network aiming to locate and exchange the best practices (exchange of knowledge, experiences, sources aiming to create partnerships and expanded and solid cooperation)  
  5. To establish Sports Day in the involved geographical areas.  


The Euro Sport Health Programme has a duration from 15th of December 2009 to 31st of March 2011 and it is implemented with the cooperation of 6 different entities from 5 member-states of the EU, which comes from different sectors of local governments, civil society, sports sector, research and universities:

  1. District Council of Barcelona, Spain (Diputació de Barcelona (Spain) – Head of Programme
  2. Belfast City Council – United Kingdom
  3. University of Castilla la Mancha, Research Group of sport facilities and organization management - Spain
  4. Budapest Association of Sports Federation – Hungary
  5. Azienda USL della Valle d’Aosta (Italy) / (AOST)
  6. Cyprus Sports Organization


The Project has been organized in 5 working pachages - WP:

WP1: Defining of the methodology of the best practices for the promotion of health through the programme Sports for All in local level.
WP2: Localization and collection of best practises.
WP3: Organization of the information actions for the programme in theoretical and practicing level.
WP4: Maintaining Project 
WP5: Management, coordination and assessment of project


  1. Meetings of Partners
    1. CYPRUS (28 – 29 January 2010)
    2. BELFAST (29-30 April 2010)
    3. BARCELONA (February 2011)
  2. Open Seminar
    1. BARCELONA (February 2011)
  3. Theoretical Information Activities
    1. Lecture: Promotion of Health through Sports intended for adults
    2. Lecture: Promotion of Health through Sports intended for children
  4. Real-time Information Activities
    1. Sports Day – 6 June 2010