Έργα και Δραστηριότητες

Cyprus Sports Organization signs protocols of athletic cooperation and has sport exchanges with countries with which there is signed agreement for Financial, Scientific and Cultural cooperation between the two Governments and in which there is also included a provision for exchange in sports activities. These agreements are signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they are communicated to the Organization through the Ministry of Education and Culture. Following the communication of the Agreement to CSO, the Organization assess the country and if it deems that he has to sign protocol then the meetings with this country initiate aiming to sign the protocol.

The criteria that are basically set as well as the extent of the protocol depend by the following:

  1. the level of the sports of a country and this concern the whole range and the directions
  2. the distance of the country and the transportation (how to move and cost)
  3. the interest of the country to cooperate with us.

Basically, a general agreement is signed and this agreement has political power in which it is referred that the two Organisations sign a cooperation amongst others in order to:

Develop relations and friendships between the two countries 
Cooperate in International bodies, conferences, congresses etc.,

Define the financial terms of the protocols which are basically: the accommodation, the nutrition, the transportation, various medical incidents and also tips (host party) and airplane ticket to and from the capital of the host country (guest country).

Another protocol is also signed in which the sports, number of people, the dates and the duration of exchanges, the place of conduct of exchanges as well as anything else that is needed are defined in this.

The set-up of a protocol is directly completed through direct meetings of the two Organizations through the registration of specific proposals from every party. Our party has basically three directions for the proposals made to include in the protocol: (a) Matches (b) Preparation / coaching camping (c) Education.

The criteria in power to insert a sport in a protocol amongst others are:

  1. The events where this sport will participate during the year namely its matches as e.g. if it will take place in two parties games, in the Games of the Small States of Europe, the Mediterranean games, the Pan-European Games, the Olympic Games.
  2. The way the sport is developed in the country with which we are about to sign the protocol.
  3. The necessity of development of the sport in Cyprus, if it consists of a new sport and needs help from abroad to progress because in Cyprus there are not the circumstances to develop and be developed in the right way.

The organization in the past and up to today has succeeded and signed protocols of sports cooperation with the following countries:

Greece, Romany, Cuba, Syria, Jordan, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Israel, Poland, China and Belarus.

The Organization through the protocols aims to give the chance to the athletes of various Federations to prepare with other foreign athletes to compete in games in both Cyprus and abroad in order to level up the Cyprus sports. Additionally, the Federations take the chance to create a benefit from the relations take place among the countries with which the Organization signs a protocol. Even through the contacts, friendships and relations created from such relations, the Organization and the sports entities in general can affect the decision making in the international sports environment, as well as to elect Cypriot sports officials and influencers in crucial athletic posts in European and International sports bodies.

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